About Our Painting Contractors

All our decorating and painting contractors are qualified, experienced and licensed tradespeople. We are members of our industry association, the PDA (Painting And Decorating Association of the UK). And we're committed to the quality of our work and to your satisfaction.

Why choose us Painting By Freddy?

Our extended 'mates' teams benefit you

We have expert 'mates' teams who can support our experienced painting contractors. Namely, the 'mates' work for us in other trades, such as tiling, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and fencing, etc. A job might require other trades sometimes. An example could be that a carpenter may be needed to replace a damaged wall that's been hidden under wallpaper. Or a plumber might have to fix a hidden leak before an area is painted. The fence you want painted may have a deteriorated section that needs replacing by a fencer. Thus the decorating contractors can call on our 'mates' if your job involves other trades like this. In that case our central administration will oversee the project and co-ordinate everyone. Therefore you won't have to run around mid-job to find and vet other tradespeople and fit them into the project.

Contact us on 02380-989130 to discuss your needs.