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Building Painting By Freddy

What does building painting include?

Building painting and decorating includes all indoor and outdoor surfaces that can take paint. Which means just about everything! We do spraying, airless spraying and fine spraying, as well as brush painting.

Firstly you may wish to assess the state of your surfaces. This means you check whether they can take paint as they are, or need work before priming. We can assist you with this checkup. The job may require minor repairs to the surfaces, or damp patches in walls sealed first. Also windows may need re-puttying. Stripping or sanding may be necessary. Once those preparations are done, you get to the fun part. That means watching the colours and textures reveal your style. After the painting we apply any sealants or protectants if required to finish the job.


Because you have to live in your house, it’s important that it looks and feels just right. All interior and exterior surfaces eventually wear and need refreshing. Moreover your tastes and needs can change over time. Children grow up and want different styles in their rooms. Or you may be doing extensions or renovations. Perhaps you’ve bought new furniture or had new tiling done, and the old paintwork doesn’t match. In addition you may wish to match the exterior of your house to the rest of the street during an upgrade. Finally, new building painting products and methods can come onto the market, superior to your existing paint. Thus at any of these times you’ll want to review the colour combinations and textures of your painted areas. We’re hear to listen to all your needs and ideas, and advise on what would be most suitable for your house.

Commercial building painting

Your shops, offices, schools, clinics and factories will probably have special painting needs. This can include the colour scheme in your company logo or brand. Or there may be particular stresses on your paint that need to be considered. For example, it may be exposed to heat, fire risk, cold, steam, chemicals, moisture, bright light, traffic, grease and dirt. Alternately you may have people with special physical or psychological needs in your buildings. For example children, elderly, patients with depression or allergies. Or workers requiring a supportive environment for best productivity. We are aware of all these factors when it comes to commercial building painting. We will suggest suitable paint and methods for any of your special requirements. Moreover we can turn a job over in a short time at quality, and can work after hours. You may appreciate these services in order to minimize down time of your business.


We provide a comprehensive service for landlords and tenants. Not only do we do painting. We also have a team of all trades required to prepare your new premises for renting. Alternatively we can keep your established premises in good repair and top market value. We will work in with your timing and budget, as well as your tenant’s lifestyles, to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. In addition we work with the management committees of new or existing strata title apartment blocks and cluster housing. Therefore no matter what the scale of your rental job, we can accommodate your requirements.

We'll do a walk around your project with you and discuss how you'd like your building to look. We will help with suggestions if you're not sure of what's possible. Like you, we aim to have your property looking beautiful and well presented.
We're committed to working with you to hold to your budget and time schedule. However we don't rush the job at the expense of quality.
If you want a commercial premises upgraded, we can do specialised painting. We are also available for insurance work and long term maintenance plans.
Whatever you need, we are here for you with professional expertise and top quality tools and materials. Moreover we are health and safety conscious. Therefore we use methods to ensure that the health and safety of ourselves, you and your family, guests and customers are taken into account.
Before we do your building painting, we will check whether your surfaces need repair first. Many faults can be hidden under old paint or wallpaper. We need to address dampness, plaster damage, and so on before painting. Furniture may have cracks or loose joints. Timber may be mould-affected. There may be new legislation pertaining to your building. Thus we will advise you on repairs that should be done before painting. We consider this to be part of the preparation to get surfaces ready for primer.
You can also be confident that we will protect your property from damage and soiling as we work. Furthermore we clean up after ourselves. And finally, our work is guaranteed and we will deal with any problems that arise.

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