How to Solve Refrigerator Leaks

A leaky refrigerator is not only capable of creating a mess, it can also cause accidents.

Thankfully, this problem can be fixed in an hour or two. Here’s how:

1. Find the source of the leak.

Before doing anything, unplug your refrigerator. Then, locate the tube that connects to the ice maker. If it is dry, check the drain for thawed ice. Water collects in a pan near the condenser fan.

If the pan is dry, it is possible that the tube is blocked.

2. Remove the contents of the freezer.

You can gain access to the evaporator line and other components from the freezer. This means you have to remove the contents of the freezer before you can open it. It is advised to prepare a cooler before proceeding to prevent food spoilage.

3. Drain the tube.

Take out the tube and place its one end in a contain to drain water. Then, disconnect the other end of the tube from the unit. Gently squeeze the line to check if frozen water is causing the problem. If there are firm sections, heat them up using a hair dryer. Make sure the tube has been completely drained before moving forward.

4. Clean the tube.

After draining the tube thoroughly, run water through it to loosen other things that may be
causing an obstruction. Make sure one end is still in a container and that other end connected to the source of the hot water. Do it again until the water is flowing well through the evaporator tube.

5. Check the Pan

A cracked or pierced drain pan can also be a cause of leaks. Check the condition of the pan and get a new one if necessary. Also, make sure it is properly installed.

6. Inspect the Inlet Tube

The inlet line is basically a drain inside the unit that channels water towards the evaporator tube. A blocked or broken tube will not allow water to reach the evaporator tube. Replace the inlet line if broken. If it’s just frozen water, defrost using a hair dryer.

7. Put it back together then move on to other things like building painting

After cleaning the evaporator tube and other components, put them back into their original
places. Plug back the unit and turn on the refrigerator. Watch out for leaks. If this problem
continues, call a licensed electrician near you for quality appliance repair Perth.