Must Have Cutting Tools for Drywall

Drywall openings have to be cut accurately for a polished look for your living room design.

You can achieve that if you have the right tools. Apart from the tape measure and utility knife, you must also prepare the following for your living room design:

Keyhole Saw

This type of saw is recommended if you’re working around electrical boxes. Simply insert the point into the drywall and move along the sides of the box.


Drywall Saw

Obstacles may be present in this project so prepare your drywall saw. Move slowly to avid damage on the paper face.


Circle Cutter

For a perfect round cut, get a quality circle cutter. If you can’t obtain this tool, be resourceful using a compass.



Experienced builders Darwin advise to aim a larger cut when cutting down a drywall. Remove excess material using a rasp.



This power tool is a must-have if you’re fond of taking the DIY route. A RotoZip is especially helpful when working on fixtures and boxes. However, expect more dust. It’s a common tool of professional home builders Darwin.



Make perfect square cuts using a T-square. Straighten the sheet with its flat side out. Set your T-square on the uppermost corner and follow the measurements you’ve lined up. Make the cut by running a blade along the T.


Tips When Cutting Openings

  • To make accurate window openings, it is advised to suspend the drywall above the opening before starting to cut.

  • If the windows are installed already, but still lack hardware, it is still advised to hang your new drywall wall before creating a hole.

  • If the entire window is already there, expert builders Darwin suggest that you gauge and cut before the panel installation.