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What does our paint stripping service do?

Our paint stripping service has a variety of methods available for different types of jobs and surfaces. We strip the peeling and aged coatings from fixed surfaces as well as free-standing objects like furniture. In addition we can clean off rust and corrosion to prepare for re-sealing or painting. We can strip most surfaces such as timber, walls, masonry, brick, plastics and metals. We’ll follow the stripping with neutralisation of chemicals if any were used. Furthermore we can continue the job to final painting if you wish.

Types of paint stripping

We can use any of the following methods of stripping (depending on material to be stripped):

• We’re skilled in thermal methods (heat).

• We regularly use chemical strippers.

• Our team are also able to do manual removal, such as sanding and scraping.

• We have special gels to safely remove, bind and dispose of lead-based paint.

Why Us?

Our team covers the various types of stripping, for both fixed surfaces and free-standing objects such as furniture.
We’ll remove lead-based paints. However we use special methods to prevent risks to health and safety, because lead is toxic. See also our Painting Health and Safety section.
You won’t have to worry about mess because we work as cleanly as possible and clean up after the job.
Also you may find it advisable to have us do your whole painting job. This is because our experts know all of the many tricks and skills required to do an excellent job safely.
If you choose us for this, we will seal and prime the newly stripped surface. Then we can paint, stain or varnish according to your choice of materials and colours. After that we will seal the new surface if relevant, for example exterior weather proofing.
We will fix any problems that arise because all our work is guaranteed. If you are not happy with anything, we’ll work with you until it is just right. We’ll serve you from go to whoa.

Call our professional team today for the best paint stripping service.