Washer-Dryer: Is it a worth buy?

Appliances have made our lives easier. Plus they go great with a painting close by.

But not all products are perfectly suitable for you. If you have plans of purchasing a washer-dryer combo, check out these facts to come up with a smart decision:



Generally, washer-dryer models don’t come with complicated instructions. It’s like using a washing machine minus the need to bring your clothes outside and hang them on the clothesline.


A washer-dryer combo does not occupy a lot of space. The dimension is just a but bigger than a regular washing machine; you can certainly find a nook for it. Also, some models come with wheels to allow users to move them around as needed.


Reducing energy consumption has been a global priority due to the evident depletion of the ozone layer and of natural resources. Washer-dryer combos use water and electricity efficiently. They also come with features that allow users to customize how much water and electricity should be used for a certain cycle to avoid wasting resources.


Just like all other types of appliance, a washer-dryer combo has limitations too.

Limited Capacity

Compared to regular washing machines, this type of appliance has a smaller capacity. This is simply because the clothes are being spun to dry unlike with a regular washing machine where you have to take the clothes out.


More spins mean more vibration. You have to be prepared for this before purchasing a unit. Make a research to find out what manufacturers do to minimize this bothersome factor.


It takes time for draw completely clean clothes out of a washer-dryer combo. You have to wait for an average of 4.5 hours for a load that weighs 4-5 pounds. There is no shortcut which means you have to plan the laundry ahead.

Before deciding it is a worth your money, check if there are service centres near you. Spare parts should not be difficult to find too. Should there be any problem, put the fate of your investment on the hands of a licensed electrician Perth.